The price tag for the special election is on the sponsors of the Party Policy Initiative

Last week, Solana Beach residents received an expensive mailer with a photo of the Fletcher Cove Community Center and the caption, “Who wants a costly special election?” Also, a mass email went out, directing residents to a “No Special Election” website.

Solana Beach residents should know that the “Say No” to the Special Election email and mailer/postcards are from the very people who


for a special election to determine the use of the Fletcher Cove Community Center — the sponsors of the new Party Policy Initiative. This group is a well-funded, politically savvy machine pushing for bigger, more frequent parties at the Community Center with unlimited alcohol and not enough parking.

After refusing to accept the City Council’s reasonable policy allowing private parties at the Community Center, this group filed an Initiative asking for a special election. They gathered signatures for an election, filed the signatures with the Registrar of Voters in order to get a special election and now are using trickery to strong-arm the City into adopting the Initiative without an election. The biggest problem with the Party Policy Initiative? Their Initiative, whether voted in or adopted by the City Council, cannot ever be modified without another costly election, even if there are problems. The City Council’s current policy can be modified up or down, depending on the outcome of the trial period. Isn’t that a better way to set a policy? Regardless of how the City Council decides to move forward, the $250,000 price tag for the special election is on the sponsors of the Party Policy Initiative. Their highly paid political consultants cannot re-write history.

Kelly Harless

Solana Beach