The real reason for FCCC closure


The opponents to Proposition B mislead the voters when they falsely claim in their Ballot Rebuttal Statement and website that the FCCC had to be closed in the 1990s “due to “major problems” with rowdy private parties. Our research revealed that it was not parties, but the facility’s decrepit condition, specifically the unsanitary condition caused by the backups in the sewer line to the bathrooms that resulted in the closure of the center.

Fifteen elected officials and City staff members were contacted and confirmed these findings. These people from the period in question included seven former Council Members/Mayors (Dodson, Golich, Kellejian, Olson, T. Renteria, Schlesinger, and Tompkins); three Public Safety Commissioners (Alexander, Dixon, and Garrick); two former City Managers (Huse and Semple); and three managers from Engineering, Planning, and Public Works (Collure, R. Renteria, and Naylor).

Additionally, the seven former Council Members/Mayors all said they are certain that during their tenure, there was no policy passed to close the facility due to problems with parties. Their recollections have been confirmed by a Freedom of Information Act document search that found a 1994 Council policy allowing champagne, beer and wine to be served in the FCCC. No subsequent documents were found that reference a closure due to problem parties or for that matter for any other cause.

Now that you know this claim is false, you should question the veracity of the opponent’s statement that with Prop B, any change requires a costly election. The only time an election will be required is if Council decides to once again close the Center to private parties as they did in June 2013. Another claim to be investigated is that Prop B prohibits safeguards on alcohol use or noise. In actuality, these issues will be covered by the Rental Agreement and Municipal Code, both solely controlled by Council and changes do not require another election. Further information on these issues can be found on Proponents ask you to reject the opponent’s false and misleading statements and vote “Yes” on Prop B.

Jim Nelson

Solana Beach