The Soul of Solana Beach

In the 30-plus years that I’ve lived in Solana Beach I never seen such a trivial issue receive so much attention. Yep, I’m referring to the Fletcher Cove Community Center Party Policy Initiative scheduled to be voted on at a special election on Feb. 11. The Initiative’s sponsors will try to argue otherwise but make no mistake — they forced this costly special election on the city.

So let’s back up for a minute. I think we can all agree that Solana Beach has never looked better, is well managed and is fiscally sound. Highway 101 has been revitalized, our property values are going up and new businesses are moving into town. Over the last decade Solana Beach has become the envy of the region. The success of our City is directly linked to the leadership on our city council. We are very fortunate to have five highly educated council members who are dedicated to moving the city forward and preserving community character. Let’s face it; they are more than capable of developing a reasonable policy to run a 1,000-square-foot community center.

In August 2013, the City Council developed a use-policy for the community center and it is now available to rent for private parties on weekends. The City Council made it clear that the policy was a starting point and that it will be reviewed and modified as needed between now and December 2014. End of story? Nope.

A small group, backed up by big bucks, refused to accept the City’s compromise policy. Instead they insisted the council replace it with their own maxed out policy or they would force a special election. So here we are faced with the expensive special election forced on us by the Initiative group.

Let’s be clear, the current brouhaha is not all about a party policy. It is more about the politics being used to discredit our city council. And it reeks of what is going on in Washington D.C. What we are witnessing is a group of political vultures trying to gain power and control over the council. Their goal is to change the direction our City is headed in by using as much money as it takes to influence the upcoming February special election and future elections. Sadly, to gain speed for their end game, they have aligned themselves with a group of well-meaning individuals who are emotionally attached to the community center issue and they are using them as pawns.

This election is not just about a party policy; it is about the soul of our city. Support your City Council and Vote No in the February election.

Ira Opper

Solana Beach