‘The Truth about Gratitude’

I’ve got a little ditty and it may not be pretty but it holds the promise of heaven.

Let me say that there is not a day that isn’t made better by thanks.

Set your heart on it today. Don’t delay. Just give it away.

You can’t cope without hope. That’s no joke. It’s not in the soaps. It grows in gratitude.

Can’t find grace without making a space to see all that’s good and thank it.

And you can’t live in joy by being coy and taking your blessings for granted. I’m not talkin’ trash. I’m tellin’ the truth.

Let no fear stop you and no excuses block you. Start right away and you’ll end the day with a smile that will be there to stay. Think about it.

Set your heart on gratitude. Make it your constant attitude and don’t get fooled by platitudes that say it’s Pollyanna. It’s not.

Look for the good and praise it; envision the good and raise it. You can do it.

Keep yourself alert. Don’t be dishin’ the dirt, cuz God loves a grateful heart. So start today. Give thanks and praise and you’ll dance yourself into blessings.

Sharon Connors,

Solana Beach