Third time should be the charm

The saying goes that the third time is a charm. Well, this is my third term as mayor of Del Mar and I have a feeling the saying will be fulfilled.

We have a number of interesting and important projects to explore and I think the council and staff, despite our economic challenges, are more than up to the task at hand.

I take over for Crystal Crawford, who did an outstanding job as mayor during the last 12 months, and I want to publicly acknowledge her tireless efforts and contributions to our city.

We are winding down on our 50th anniversary year and Crystal’s leadership during this celebratory year has positioned Del Mar to achieve many ambitious goals. I take the gavel from her with every intention to continue the journey that has been so well set.

What is in store for 2010? You will see a continued emphasis on fire safety and a much more comprehensive program of education, assistance and awareness. We cannot let down our guard regarding wildfires and our new fire protection team is fully prepared to help our community help themselves.

The revitalization of our downtown commercial district will really take shape in 2010. The concepts and ideas will be introduced to the public in January. Community input to those initial ideas will lead to a vote in November that, if passed, will shape our downtown in an exciting way for decades to come.

We will hopefully begin breaking ground on a beach safety center that is so desperately needed.

Significant progress will be made in deciding what to do with the City Hall property and creating a viable working environment for our hard working city staff.

I believe that we will make significant progress in building our financial strength in the coming year by prudent spending and creative revenue generation.

The year won’t be without its challenges with the fairgrounds master plan and environmental review being debated and the complicated retrofit of the bridge at our southern gateway commencing.

Each of those projects are more significant than any we have undertaken and will require all of our collective experience and effort to complete to our satisfaction. I think we are up to each of those challenges.

We will engage in a number of conversations to understand what you want and need and how to better work together to keep our city the envy of many throughout the world.

I look forward to serving you during the coming year and will do everything I can to help us all enjoy that special place called Del Mar.