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Sweet Things

If you live in Southern California, you are definitely familiar with frozen yogurt, so it takes something unique and special about a yogurt shop to hold and grab your attention. Sweet Things opened its doors to much local enthusiasm in Solana Beach when the store owners gave away free yogurt on their first day of business.

The atmosphere at Sweet Things is family-friendly — like a pastel, tie-dyed-colored coffee shop for kids with two plasma TVs, a lounge area with shag carpet and soft seats to read books and play games. Classic games such as Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em, Connect Four and Chutes and Ladders are strewn throughout the space to grab and enjoy.

“I wanted the place to look like our living room where people could come and just hang,” owner Nancy Scornavacco said.

There is also delicious yogurt to eat and surprisingly a few unusual topping choices such as chocolate sunflower seeds and yogurt Pop Rocks.

Since Sweet Things is kid-

focused, it began a program with participating schools called “Caught Being a Sweet Thing.” If a student is caught in a random act of kindness by their principal or teacher, that student receives a free Sweet Things yogurt.

Haute Yoga

Walk up one flight of stairs at the Beachwalk Shopping Center, and you might just feel that you are entering another world. With bamboo floors, clean classic modern Asian decor, a very welcoming lounge area and two heated and soft-floored studios, Haute Yoga provides much more than just an ordinary yoga space.

Whether it’s the constant stress of the recession or the ongoing yoga craze, Haute Yoga has flourished since it opened about a year ago.

“People thought we were nuts opening a new business during a recession, but we have had huge growth in this downturn,” owner Dino Flacco said.

All ages are welcome, and the student mix is about 60/40 women to men. Haute Yoga has a wide yoga student base, from senior citizens to high schoolers.

Flacco comments, “During the summer months, we were the hip place to go for Torrey Pines High School cheerleaders.”

Not only a cool place, but Haute Yoga is also known to be quite hot — “Hot yoga is growing. People love it. We raise the room’s heat to 103 degrees Fahrenheit to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat cleanses, raises the heart rate and opens up those muscles,” Flacco said.

Haute Yoga is eco-friendly, has 22 experienced yogis (instructors), state-of-the-art climate control and multiple showers, and will soon be a lululemon retailer.

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