Torrey Hills Dad’s Club Campout and Handball Tournament

Connor Perrone and Canaan Matsumoto

The Torrey Hills Elementary School Dad’s Club members enjoyed a Campout and Handball Tournament May 18. The event started with a handball tournament in which 130 students from Torrey Hills participated. The winners of the tournament were: Jeremiah Campbell and Grayson Mundis for kindergarten; Daniel Knapp and Kaylen Powers for 1st grade; Darren Chan and Carolina Nelson for 2nd grade; Kevin Jiana and Fate Kweon for 3rd grade; Lucas Nelson and Leah Hallal for 4th grade; and Canaan Matsumoto and Amber McCorcle for 5th/6th grade combined.

After the event, the movie Kung Fu Panda 2 was projected up onto the handball courts and was attended by about 300 people, followed by a campout on the school field. About 60 tents which covered the school field.