Torrey Hills planning board seeks resolution to parking problem at Torrey Villas

The Torrey Hills Community Planning Board is looking to resolve the continuing parking-lot violation at the Torrey Villas Apartment complex and put an end to stalling tactics by encouraging the city to set a Civil Penalty Hearing date and begin enforcing fines.

The apartment complex on Vista Sorrento Parkway reduced its parking lot by 69 spaces without approval from the city, which has resulted in overflow parking problems on Ocean Air Drive, filling the narrow street with cars.

“The time to delay is over,” said Chair Kathryn Burton. “It’s time to enforce the civil penalty notice and order.”

At its April 21 board meeting, the board approved sending a letter to San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Council President Sherri Lightner, reiterating that there should be consequences for not complying with the permit that was approved.

According to the city’s code enforcement investigation, Torrey Villas must have 341 parking spaces outside of garage spaces; there are 272, with landscaping taking up many of the deleted spaces.

The city’s development services department gave Torrey Villas until Feb. 20 to comply, but fines are not issued if the complex is perceived to be working with the planning department, and fines are not collected until a hearing date is set.

Board member Kim Walker said the board anticipated that stalling tactic and they need to compel the city to set that hearing date.

Fines can be issued for as much as $1,000 a day and are capped at $250,000.