Torrey Pines freshmen put Mt. Carmel Sun Devils in shade, 21-0

In their fourth shutout Torrey Pines Falcons defeated the Mt. Carmel Sun Devils 21-0. Torrey Pines took the opening kickoff 75 yards on the running of Zach Friedland and Sully O’Brien, who scored on a 33-yard pitch-out. After a great kickoff return, the Sun Devils started on the Falcon 47 but were only able to move the ball to the 41, where they turned the ball over on fourth down.

In one of the strangest plays of the season, O’Brien was stopped for a short gain but there was no whistle. Players disentangled themselves from the pile and stood around looking for the spot of the ball. Finally one alert Mt. Carmel player realized there had been no whistle, picked up the football and ran to the Falcon 4-yard line before he was tackled. Referees ruled it a fumble recovery and the Sun Devils’ ball. Memo to Torrey Pines: The play ain’t over ‘til the zebra whistles. Memo to officials: Inattention to the game and failure to whistle forward progress is just asking for late hits and injuries.

Mt. Carmel was again unable to budge the Torrey Pines defense, and turned the ball over on fourth down. The Falcons moved the ball, but stopped themselves with penalties and punted. Mt. Carmel tried a third time to convert fourth down but were stopped by Falcon Jack Nelson.

Torrey Pines capitalized on the turnover with a 49-yard touchdown run by Friedland to put the Falcons up 14-0.

The Sun Devils answered with a couple of 30-yard runs of their own, with touchdown saving tackles by Friedland and Peter Nelson. Starting at first and goal from the 5, Mt. Carmel was stopped on fourth down by Parker Williams. Torrey Pines took over on the one, quarterback Jackie Plashkes ran for a first down and some breathing space, and the Falcons ran out the first half.

Mt. Carmel drove downfield to open the second half but were intercepted in the end zone by Shayne Grant. Then Friedland broke through the line and raced 75 yards for Torrey Pines’ third touchdown. When the ensuing Sun Devils drive stalled again, they saw the futility of fourth-down conversions against the Falcon defense, and punted. Torrey Hills moveddown the depth chart, giving playing time to more athletes as the game settled into a field position battle, until time ran out.

Mt. Carmel falls to a 7-2 record and plays Westview at home for its final game. Torrey Pines is now 9-0 and hosts La Costa Canyon. Both are at 5 p.m. Nov. 6.