Torrey Pines High football star heading to San Diego State


When Jack Bailey officially committed to play for the San Diego State Aztec Football team earlier this month, it was the culmination of a lifelong dream.

“My grandpa went to San Diego State, and we’ve been going to games together since I was 5,” explained the 6-foot-3 Bailey on a recent Tuesday evening. “That really got me interested in football. When they told me they were offering a full ride scholarship, they brought in my entire family, including my grandpa, and we were in awe. To get an offer is pretty insane. We were all looking at each other with big eyes and wide mouths.”

Bailey, a senior at Torrey Pines High School, stood out on a team full of talented Falcon players as a wide receiver — a position he’ll continue to play as an Aztec.

“In middle school, I played quarterback, but there’s something about the wide receiver position I’ve always liked,” noted Bailey. “I love going one on one with people. I’m competitive, and it’s a great way to compete.”

Bailey first fell into football thanks to encouragement from his aforementioned grandfather, as well as his father.

“My dad is the one who persuaded me into going out there and trying it out,” said Bailey. “I didn’t get very serious about it until the end of my sophomore year. I originally played basketball and was iffy about football. I wound up falling in love with the sport and thought I could do big things as a wide receiver. I also had a good sophomore season playing varsity for Torrey Pines.”

After Bailey’s promising sophomore season, he attended a passing league camp at San Diego State, which is when the powers that be within the football program, including coach Rocky Long, first took notice of his talents.

“I had a really good first day there,” remembered Bailey. “The next day they ended up offering me the chance to play for them.”

Three years later, Bailey officially joined the Aztecs’ ranks on Feb. 6, National Signing Day, and said he couldn’t be happier with his decision. “They were my very first offer and I’ve felt loyal to them,” he said. “I’m very comfortable with my decision.”

Bailey also holds the unique distinction of being the sole San Diego-area recruit for San Diego State’s football program for 2015. During a recent press conference, Aztecs coach Rocky Long explained that in their opinion, “There weren’t a lot of senior football players who were Division 1 caliber,” noting that Bailey was the sole exception.

For now, Bailey is on a strict training regimen before he has to report July 5 for practice. He said he will miss playing with the Falcons — a team he’s grown close with over the past few years.

“For my last game playing for Torrey Pines, I wasn’t as upset as some of my other teammates, considering I have more football to come,” Bailey said. “I’m sad I won’t be able to play with my friends in an environment like that. You go from practicing and playing with the same kids every day, to knowing I’ll never play with any of them again. It’s bittersweet.”