Torrey Pines High School parents rally for return of terminated athletic trainer

By Karen Billing

Torrey Pines High School parents are rallying for the return of their athletic trainer, Christina Scherr.

“We believe that the decision to let our athletic trainer go was unjust, unfair and biased, and we believe the Torrey Pines community will continue to fight to rehire Christina,” said Carrie Pickwell, a member of the Torrey Pines High School Foundation Board of Directors, one of several parents who attended the Aug. 21 San Dieguito Union High School District board meeting to ask for Scherr’s reinstatement.

SDUHSD contracts with Sorrento Valley’s Rehab United for its athletic trainer program. Scherr, a Rehab United employee, was fired by the company in mid-July for undisclosed reasons, according to SDUHSD Associate Superintendent Eric Dill.

“The goal was to continue services with that provider, but that didn’t happen, not for a lack of trying,” said Dill.

Dill met with Falcon parents last week and he said their point was made “loud and clear.” Board members also reported being inundated with emails from parents last week asking for Scherr’s reinstatement.

“We all received many emails and are very well aware how valued she is at Torrey Pines High School,” said Joyce Dalessandro, school board president.

Dill was expected to meet with Rehab United this week regarding Scherr.

“Our job is to find solutions, do the hard work and make this happen,” he said.

Scherr has been with the school for eight years.

“She is highly trained and respected all over San Diego County. When she’s on the field, other trainers step aside and let her do her job,” said Pickwell. “She has a real passion for the students and puts their needs ahead of the game and the score.”

Parent Karla Milmoe echoed the fact that Scherr puts the kids’ safety first and foremost.

“The reason she’s so effective with kids is her interpersonal skills. She reaches out to the kids and makes connections … they trust her,” Milmoe said. “She has a rapport with students that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.”