Torrey Pines Midget Falcons QB Tyler Lytle selected to play in 2013 Junior Academic All-American Game

JuniorRank recently announced that Tyler Lytle, quarterback for the Torrey Pines Midget Falcons, will be participating in its 2013 Junior Academic All-American Game on Jan. 4 at The Home Depot Center in Carson, Calif. JuniorRank scouts looked all over the country for the best young talent and Tyle was selected due to his success on and off the field. Tyler will be showcasing his talents along with the very top junior high school student athletes around the country. This honor is distinctive because no other youth game in the country has an academic and character related requirement for All-American selection.

“The Junior Academic All-American Game is about much more than being able to play football at a high level, these guys are the best in the country at their age and positions but, more importantly, they are the best in the classroom and bright lights in their community. When football is all done some day and that day comes for everybody that plays, those additional character traits and achievements that we require for participation are the things that will remain well after the sport and the things that we believe, truly matter,” says JuniorRank CEO Shaon Berry.

Each Junior All-American game, one for ages 14 and under and one for ages 13 and under, will be an East vs. West format coached by former NFL coaches and players. JuniorRank believes these Academic All-Americans have the talent and character it takes to be the next class of top recruits. The 2013 rosters are requested by and submitted to colleges and universities around the country and go directly to renowned recruiting analyst Tom Lemming. Listed by Newsweek magazine as one of the five most influential people in all of college football, Lemming is the host of JuniorRank’s Proving Ground high school combine and high school All-American game, the Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl.

Several Junior All-Americans from the past two years have already been added to college watch lists for future recruiting, and some have already received scholarship offers. JuniorRank 2013 Junior All-Americans and their families will be welcomed to California with a festive family atmosphere, hosted by the Anaheim Hilton Hotel. This year’s game will be during the same time as our Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl, which features the top high school football seniors in the country. The athletes will be able to interact with the All-Americans and see where they can possibly be in four-five years.