City of San Diego reviewing Torrey Villas’ parking lot changes


The Torrey Hills Community Planning Board voted to take action after finding out that Torrey Villas Apartment Homes re-striped its parking lot, reducing the lot by 30 spaces, without city approval. The board voted at its Jan. 20 meeting to send a letter encouraging the city’s code enforcement to force the community to bring the lot back to the originally permitted build-out and that any proposal to reduce the lot come before the Torrey Hills board.

The reduced parking lot size is thought to have caused an overflow parking issue on West Ocean Air Drive. Over the last year, residents have complained that cars have clogged the narrow street from Via Mar de Delfinas to Via Cangrejo, making it unsafe for drivers and for children walking or biking to Torrey Hills School. In November 2014, residents requested the board install bike lanes on the street to prevent parking on West Ocean Air Drive.

At its Nov. 13 meeting, the board did not support a bike lane but voted to make one side of the street a no-parking zone. Subsequent to the meeting, the board learned that the city would not support the idea of removing parking.

Resident Brian Britt, who has spoken in the past on behalf of the 110 residents that signed a petition for a bike lane, said while there is no way to know for sure, he thinks that Torrey Villas restoring those 30 spaces could have a positive effect if not entirely resolve the overflow parking situation.

According to Steven Hadley, representative for City Council District 1, a city engineer is currently reviewing the existing number and sizes of Torrey Villas’ parking spaces with the original conditional use permit.