Torrey Villas must correct parking lot striping by Feb. 20, city board rules


The city’s development services department has completed its code enforcement investigation of Torrey Hills’ Torrey Villas complex after finding that management had restriped the parking lot without a permit.

The final number of parking spaces that the development must have outside of garage spaces is 341. Torrey Villas has 272 spaces, and the parking space deficiency is believed to be the cause of the overflow parking problem on West Ocean Air Drive and the neighboring community.

The city has given Torrey Villas until Feb. 20 for compliance.

“We are aware of the parking situation and we are working with the city on a solution,” said Robin Leftwich, vice president of community affairs for Irvine Company, which manages Torrey Villas. “Additionally, we implemented a new parking program in December that has reduced activity on public streets and we are committed to continuing to work together on an acceptable solution for everyone involved.”

At the board’s Feb. 10 meeting, Steven Hadley, representative of City Council District 1, said the city’s development services department will not just issue a fine for the violation as long as Torrey Villas is working with the planning department. Hadley said the department will monitor the situation, and if it finds Torrey Villas is not moving to correct the issue, it will send out a notice for a Civil Penalty Hearing for the management company to plead its case before a notice of violation is issued.

“It compels them to come in and get a solution so they don’t have a fine,” Hadley said.

Fines can be issued for as much as $1,000 a day and are capped at $250,000.

The restriping is believed to have happened on multiple occasions over the years, according to planning board chairwoman Kathryn Burton, so the lack of spaces has been gradual and just recently upped beyond the tipping point.

The planning board was surprised to hear from Hadley that city staff had no record of people calling from the community to complain about the parking situation, although he said they did receive the letter the planning board sent last month.

“We want to make sure (the city planning department) is aware of the depth of concern in this community,” board member Suzanne Hall said.