Towne Bakery set to open doors in Del Mar Highlands

Slated to open in March 2012, Del Mar Highlands’ Towne Bakery makes every day a little sweeter—offering vintage American desserts and classic confections, handcrafted with the finest traditional ingredients. The first of its kind in San Diego, Towne Bakery is an iconic destination known for expertly-prepared and thoughtfully-presented cakes, pies, cupcakes, cookies and specialty items in a warm, friendly environment.

The bakery’s 1,200 square-foot interior is cozy, highlighted by an open kitchen that offers tantalizing aromas and an interactive view of the many sumptuous creations in the midst of preparation. Patrons will have the opportunity to witness the finishing touches up close and personal—whether it be generously applying layers of luxurious buttercream frosting to a fresh batch of cupcakes, or whipped and crumbled toppings sprinkled and swirled over velvety creations pulled warm from the oven. Embodying a childhood memory of “Grandma’s kitchen,” Towne Bakery is rife with nostalgic elements of 1940’s Americana, including black-and-white hexagonal tile flooring, cornflower blue hand-painted subway tiles on the wall, pastel-colored product displays, painted beadboard wood paneling and era-specific schoolhouse-style lighting fixtures suspended from above. Towne Bakery is the brainchild of Southern California native Jason Sigala, who discovered a passion for handmade desserts alongside his mother as a young boy. While captivated by preparing exquisite treats, it was the joyful reactions of friends and family that truly awakened his love of baking.

“Receiving something made entirely from scratch provides the most meaningful experience available,” says Sigala. “Each individual item we prepare will provide that same sense of nostalgia, as every detail is carefully considered to create something that’s unique, personal and special for each of our customers. The exceptional quality that we pride ourselves on is rooted in family recipes that have been perfected and savored over generations, only updated with a few new twists on the classic favorites. With no shortage of all the most indulgent ingredients, there is no skimping on the butter and sugar in our kitchen!”

This meticulous attention to detail will be further represented by placing individual confections in signature white Towne Bakery boxes, which are hand-wrapped in traditional bakers twine.

Sigala, who has combined this personal passion with over 15 years of retail marketing experience, explains what inspired the concept. “Celebration, great company and decadent food go hand-in-hand,” says Sigala, who cultivated an appreciation for the importance of commemorating seasons and the holidays while living in the Midwest. “Towne Bakery facilitates the coming-together of friends, family and the community by making every day a special occasion, with special desserts to match.”

In addition to its traditional offerings, Towne Bakery will highlight signature items and unique creations such as “Pie Pockets”, whoopie pies, homemade puddings and cheesecakes. The bakery will also house a retail component with confectionary accessories such as nesting bowls by Bauer and Mosser pottery, vintage-inspired cake plates, cupcake stands and a collection of conversation-starting aprons from the ‘40’s and ‘50’s. Coffee aficionados will be thrilled to learn that Towne Bakery will also serve as the only location in San Diego’s North County region to offer highly sought-after Stumptown coffee. Stumptown is a Portland-based roaster and retailer widely-considered to have revolutionized the coffee industry with innovative brewing techniques to ensure a cup like no other.

Towne Bakery is dedicated to supporting the San Diego community, as well as becoming a beloved destination for families and children alike. It will regularly feature unique programs like the “Cookie Club,” where kids can come to the bakery once-a-month for a cookie of his/her choice; and will participate in events that honor local charitable and educational initiatives.

For more information, please call 858-794-7001 and visit