Trucking along Cardiff State Beach

Dump trucks carried loads of sand across Cardiff State Beach all this week as part of the San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy’s annual effort to reopen the lagoon inlet to the ocean.

The trucks brought the sand to the southern end of the beach, where it will take about a year for it to gradually reblock the inlet due to the ocean’s reverse long-shore rip current. If the inlet, which runs all the way to Escondido, gets clogged, flooding would occur, the algae would bloom, and fish would subsequently be endangered. Not to mention the odor from the algal nutrients, which got the conservancy several recent phone calls.

Executive Director Doug Gibson said plans may soon be in place for a project to permanently avoid this process altogether: “We’re in the process of doing the environmental document for the whole restoration of the lagoon, so that may potentially move the inlet so we don’t have to potentially do this every year. We’re about two years out from that.”

— Jonathan Horn