Trustee objects to policy

By Katherine White

DMUSD trustee

As the Del Mar and Carmel Valley local papers all merged, the initial edition included several mean-spirited and slanderous comments about the DMUSD board and about me personally. I have found the “names” the commenters used to be fictitious. While I have no respect for the tone and slanderous nature of the writings, I have even less respect for individuals (or was it just one individual writing under several names) who will not identify themselves.

I have a First Amendment right to know the names of those individuals. Please provide those names and publish them. I expect a policy change that prevents these anonymous comments in the future as well as an apology to everyone and every entity mentioned in the “blogs” as well as to your readers. I expect the policy change to be fully vetted with all staff and published along with the apology. I expect your paper to also describe the efforts taken to identify the contributors, and if they cannot be fully identified, as much information as possible about them printed.

I look forward to your response.