Two Snuffy/Fastbreak teams play at UCSD

Two Snuffy/Fastbreak basketball teams from the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito played in an exhibition game on Feb. 11 at UCSD Rimac Arena during half-time of the school’s Men’s game.

The Evil Tacos of Doom team included Adam Young, Bobby Duoto, Edward Zhang, Nicolas Forniciari, Nolan Jacobs, Tyler Kowack, Tyler Wittenberg and Umit Suri. They were coached by Mark Wittenberg.

The Aztec team included Ben Antoniades, Liam Brogan, Holden Brosnan, Sam Hazel, Ethan Hughes, Chris Kiyota, Andy Leonard, Jacob Levy, Jake Maier and Eric Workman. They were coached by Chris Hughes and Travis Kiyota.