Two unusual stores open in Solana Beach

New shops on Cedros set apart by their merchandise

Two one-of-a-kind stores have opened in the Cedros Design District of Solana Beach.

The boutique Hot Rock jewelry, whose motto is “rough and refined” opened the day after Thanksgiving and carries a selection owner Linda Rocco describes as “beautiful, unique and artistic jewelry.”

Hot Rock makes an effort to support local designers, because when Rocco was a new designer she found it difficult to find venues for her work. Rocco, a graduate gemologist and jewelry designer from the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, also does custom work.

Hot Rock carries an array of men’s jewelry, a selection of very rare faceted pearls and black pearls, as well as famous lines such as King Baby Studio and Timothy Meier.

“I don’t care if the economy falls into a pit. I am going to live my dream,” Rocco said.

The Jungle, which opened Nov. 22, has an array of jungle-themed merchandise such as home and outdoor decor, accessories and clothing, all at a wide range of prices.

“I have a little bit of everything,” owner Trina Vukov said.

Unique items include rare coffee tables from Bali, handmade paintings from Indonesia and beaded necklaces from India. The store also offers Michelle Monroe purses, popular with movie stars, at discounted prices below the wholesale cost.

Vukov, a former stay-at-home mom, started out selling Arvon, a line of health and natural wellness products. After expanding to purses, clothes and jewelry, her husband suggested she open her own store. She was looking at renting space in Encinitas when a friend introduced her to the Cedros Design District.

“I realized I could have a funky shop called The Jungle,” Vukov said.

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