Unnecessary restrictions go beyond what is acceptable for the Solana Beach community

It is sad to see our new Community Center mostly vacant. What a shame to our fun-loving community!

The City of Solana Beach hosts some excellent activities at Fletcher Cove: Concerts at the Cove, Movie Nights, and the ever-popular Fiesta Del Sol. Fletcher Cove is a place where families and friends come to enjoy life. The center has been used (in the past) to celebrate weddings and other special events. Many locals have wonderful memories of great times in the old center. Now the newly remodeled center is a dream location. So why is it empty?

The City has been unable to agree on what the acceptable use policy should be. I recently received an email from the City detailing some of the proposed restrictions. The first unnecessary restriction: there will be a two-drink maximum per attendee. How can this be monitored? Another improper restriction: “Only one private event allowed per weekend and no private events can occur on consecutive weekends.” This means that the Community Center will go unused more than half of the available time. Yet another silly restriction: No amplified music. I would like to remind everyone that private rentals are still governed by city ordinances on noise and alcohol consumption.

The City of Del Mar does not impose restrictions like these, so why should we? The main stakeholders are the city government, the community at large, and the immediate neighbors. The City should want the best for its community, and the community would like the center to be a fun place to celebrate special events. So who is actually in favor of these restrictions?

I live very close to Fletcher Cove. One of my favorite things about living here is seeing people enjoying life. These unnecessary, improper, and silly restrictions go beyond what is acceptable for the Solana Beach community. The City needs to allow people the right to be fun-loving and responsible adults.

Mitchell Miller