Untangle the tangled on the Fletcher Cove Community Center


This needs to be untangled:

Who closed the Fletcher Cove Community Center because of its deteriorated condition?

Who asked the community to donate toward the renovation and remodeling?

Who took more than two years to decide on a permit for uses at the community center?

Who arbitrarily changed the rules at the community center for the use permit?

Who wanted to charge $300-$350 per hour for the weekend use of the community center?

Who didn’t want a trial period for the rules in the initiative signed by more than 2,000 residents?

Who favored, on this issue, only a small segment of the community that lives near the center?

Who labeled several residents and taxpayer initiative supporters as “liars and vultures” at the Oct. 9, 2013 council meeting?

Who decided on an expensive $200,000 special election when there were other less costly choices?

Who said the initiative terms can only change by special election when that would only apply if the community center were closed again?

I could go on and on, but all the answers would be the same: the Solana Beach City Council!

Untangle the issues with truthful information and straight answers. Vote “Yes” on Prop B: reasonable rules for our community center.

Marion Dodson

Former Council Member and Mayor of Solana Beach

Former School Board Member and President of the Solana Beach Board of Trustees