Upping Shores campaign with contest

In an effort to enroll another 250 Del Mar residents in the fundraising efforts for Del Mar Shores Park, the Friends of Del Mar Parks is launching a “friendly neighborhood competition” to see which of the nine neighborhoods can attain the highest participation, as demonstrated by the number of yellow yard signs posted at supporters’ homes.

The contest runs Aug. 1 through Sept. 18 and concludes with Del Mar Shores “Septemberfest” celebration on Sunday, Sept. 20, at Del Mar Shores Park.

Joe Sullivan, president of the Friends, said that almost 500 supporters, he is confident the contest can achieve its goal.

“We have contributors at all levels, and we have raised $5,454,000 to date, so it is clear that Del Mar Shores Park is important to our community,” Sullivan said. “Now we want to get everyone involved in reaching the goal to pay off the city’s loan on the property.”

The contest will be conducted primarily through e-mail, making it easy to participate. Current supporters will be asked to send e-mails to neighbors not displaying a yellow yard sign and request their participation by joining the team and making a contribution. The neighborhood with the greatest percentage of supporters at the end of the campaign, signified by yellow signs, will win a neighborhood block party at a location of their choice.

The nine identified neighborhoods are: Beach Colony, Stratford/Bluffs, Sunset, North Hills, South Hills, Village Center, Ocean Pines, Del Mar Heights and Carmel Valley Road.

For a map of the neighborhoods, see photos with this story. Or for more information, visit


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