U.S. Marine aviator at your service with Fish Window Cleaning

Kolan J. Hairston, a former U.S. Marine and pilot who spent most of his tenure here in San Diego County at MCAS Miramar, is the proud owner of Fish Window Cleaning.

Following multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, he and his wife Lupe made the not-so-easy decision to leave his beloved Marine Corps in favor of stability, settling down and starting a family. They also made the decision to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

With Kolan’s background in the service and Lupe’s as a 16-year veteran of Delta Airlines they knew instinctively that a service business would better leverage their skills and experience than a product- based enterprise. Fish Window Cleaning was born in August 2004.

Along with professional window cleaning to commercial low- and mid-rise and residential clients Fish also specializes in scratched glass repair, glass restoration, power washing, rain gutter cleaning and a host of other services. All crews are professionally trained, certified and insured. Visit them on the web at to learn more.