Use your Proposition 13 savings wisely

By Tom Golich

Board member, Solana Beach Community Foundation

This letter is directed to those people living in Solana Beach who have enjoyed the benefits of our quality of life for many years. If you are one of those with a long history in the city, you have another benefit that may not be readily apparent. The benefit has been a reduced property tax assessment due to Proposition 13 over many years. Your tax base is considerably lower than your new neighbor who recently moved into the house down the street.

Please consider using your Proposition 13 savings for a worthy project taking place at Fletcher Cove. Or more specifically above Fletcher Cove at the well used and loved Community Center.

The City of Solana Beach (COSB) and the Solana Beach Community Foundation (SBCF) have joined together to do a “makeover” of the building and a portion of the site. You can get all the details by visiting the City of Solana Beach website and clicking on Fletcher Cove Community Center Project. The site has great visuals of the project.

After seeing the plans, I am sure you will want to be part of this ambitious project. Here is where your Proposition 13 savings come in. Take a portion of the savings from the taxes you didn’t have to pay to the County of San Diego and contribute them to the SBCF as a taxable contribution.

The foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Resulting in yet another tax savings for you. This way everyone in the city will benefit from you good fortune of living in our community and having the property tax savings from Proposition 13. There is a link from the COSB site to the foundation site to make a donation directly by credit card or you can mail your donation to the address shown on the site.

Finally, let me mention this project is a partnership between the City of Solana Beach, the SBCF and some of most respected builders in Solana Beach, who are contributing directly to the construction of the improvements. Through a city approved agreement, the donations of material and labor by the builders will go directly to the project with no markup by the city resulting in “more bang for the buck” for all parties concerned. This is truly a public, private partnership using a most efficient process.

Please give thoughtful consideration to this message.