Vacancy irritates neighbors

Debris and vegetation run rampant on the property at 360 N. Granados Ave. to the dismay of neighbors who say it is also the site of late-night loitering.

While the owners had agreed in July to clean up the property, a resident brought the matter back to the council saying that the city’s earlier demands to remove the fences have been complied with, but weeds and debris remain. That leaves the City Council considering how it can legally reprimand the owners for noncompliance.

In July, the owners of the property had responded to residents’ and city officials’ complaints by requesting an extension on their building permit, saying they lost their construction loan due to the declining economy and have yet to secure another one. Without these funds, they cannot build the proposed and approved project, they say.

The request was permitted - but conditionally. The owners had to agree to remove the fence encompassing the property and clean up the parcel, which they agreed to do within 30 days.

But last week, a resident said it had been more than 50 days since the agreement was reached.

– Erica Schroeder