Vote ‘No’ in November!


The City of Del Mar


adopted a Village Specific Plan for the downtown area. The primary purpose of the Specific Plan is to provide more revenue for the City from sales tax (more shops), room tax (more boutique hotels), developer fees (new construction) and property tax (greatly increased commercial assessed values from Prop 13 era), plus provide affordable housing downtown to meet the State mandate, and also reduce the amount of auto traffic on Old Highway 101, the only coastal highway west of I-5.

Those are all laudable goals

for the city,

but are they what the residents want? Who asked for such an exhaustive change in the future of downtown Del Mar? No one, but the City Council! And it will drastically change the small neighborhood village of Del Mar forever, if ever implemented.

What’s in it for the residents? Nothing, but more parking and traffic problems in the residential areas, prompting fees to park in front of your home, or

no parking

in front of your home to accommodate the increased side-street traffic from the new one-lane main street. Also, more foul smells, pollution, late night noises and rats emanating from all the new restaurants!

Let’s make sure it doesn’t get implemented – vote “No” in November! Revitalization will occur through the free-market without onerous regulation!

Ralph Peck, Del Mar