Vote No on Prop J to avoid chaos

The insidious problem with Prop J is that it will cancel Del Mar’s existing City Measure B provision, which requires voter approval of large commercial development. It will allow developers to utilize a “Density Bonus” for affordable housing and permits a 50 percent over-the-cap increase without voter approval.

The traffic analysis seems inadequate with the recent addition of the light at 15th Street (instead of the roundabout) and no mention of the traffic on the 5 (estimated at 280,000 vehicles per day), which will reroute onto Camino del Mar (CDM), Crest, Luneta, or Stratford when backups occur on the 5. Moreover, because the traffic analysis was done during off-peak months, it could not adequately account for the one million or more people who visit our beaches every year and the three million who visit the Fair.

In addition, heavy bicycle traffic on CDM will be disruptive and dangerous as people back out of diagonal parking; this will surely cause more accidents, based on reports from bicyclists in Bird Rock who already encounter this problem.

Prop J may be well intended, but we can do better. Vote No on J to maintain our right to approve future development and avoid chaos and gridlock on CDM.

Mary and Jeff Friestedt