Vote ‘No’ this November to permitting pot shops


This summer the Del Mar City Council received from its city attorney an impact report for the pot shop permitting proposition being forced upon Del Mar by the pro-marijuana lobby. Common sense is a ballot initiative or ordinance has to be certified as legal before it appears on the ballot, but that is not the case. Anything can be put on the ballot, legal or not. For this reason and due to many community concerns and illegalities of permitting the sale of marijuana out of a storefront, the Del Mar City Council wisely requested this impact report.

I’ve recently found time to read the report on the city’s website. The report confirmed what many in the public have been saying for years, that according to the report, “dispensaries that distribute marijuana are illegal under California and federal law.” But because the pro-marijuana lobby’s paid professional signature gatherings obtained approximately 300 signatures, the ballot measure to try and permit pot shops will appear on the November general election ballot. It is imperative voters read the city’s impact report as it was prepared for us to understand all the harm and negative impacts to the city.

Let me summarize some of the significant and eye opening findings from the report:

1) Up to six pot shops could locate to Del Mar.

2) It “proposes a unique City tax on medical marijuana higher than the uniform sales tax rate imposed by California law; would require Board of Equalization to cease collecting all sales taxes in Del Mar.”

3) Selling pot in a storefront, “is not authorized by California medical marijuana laws and violates the federal Controlled Substances Act” and exposes any landlord to asset forfeiture for participating in an illegal activity.

4) “Serious Felons” and other convicted criminals are expressly authorized to obtain permits to operate marijuana storefronts and precious Federal grant money provided to the City is jeopardized if the City is required to issue permits authorizing violation of federal law.

5) There are no enforcement tools to ensure the marijuana storefront operations comply with the proposed initiative, nor will it allow the City to charge the storefronts a fee to offset likely needed additional public safety expenditures.

6) The ballot initiative mandates “City employees issue permits authorizing distribution of marijuana, aiding and abetting violation of California and federal criminal laws. Thus putting city employees in a problematic position as, “The U.S. Attorney has concluded that City employees are not immune from criminal prosecution.”

7) The pot shops’ business permits cannot be revoked or expire.

8) Parking is not addressed, not other standard business operating conditions.

9) Del Mar business licensing requires that the business not be in violation of city, state and federal laws, which the pot shop violates, bringing an unfortunate standard to the business community.

Del Mar isn’t the only city being forced to violate the law, voters in Solana Beach are facing the same harmful and illegal ballot initiative from out of town prospective pot shop owners. When voting this November, please consider these impacts and vote “No” to permitting pot shops.

Kelsey Cross

Del Mar