Vote No to Pot Shops in Del Mar and Solana Beach

I fully support Mayor Hilliard and Kellejian’s vote No on Nov. 6 to permitting pot shops opinion piece. Pot shops are illegal, will be shut down by law enforcement, have been found to attract crime, and divert pot to young healthy users. Del Mar’s city attorney thoroughly vetted the problems of trying to permit operations that directly violate Federal law.

Follow the money of the pot shop propositions, none of it comes from Del Mar or Solana Beach, it’s funded by the pro-pot lobby and prospective pot shop operators. Should the proposition pass, it will end up in court because it’s poorly written and illegal, thus wasting precious taxpayer monies and time on an illegal permitting scheme.

Why would the healthy citizens of Del Mar and Solana Beach need or want five to 10 sleazy pot shops in their neighborhoods? Should a seriously ill citizen truly need pot one of the many daily delivery services is an option, but a pot shop in our village, that’s overkill. Del Mar and Solana Beach don’t have the resources to combat the pro-pot lobby’s advances, vote No on pot shops.

Kelsey Cross

Del Mar