Vote should be held on Fletcher Cove Community Center Initiative

In the recent edition of this newspaper there were two pro Fletcher Cove Community Center (FCCC) party initiative letters to the editor.

In one, the author suggests that the initiative be adopted because it could be adjusted with changes to the Municipal Code. The first party-related item in the initiative, one of the most controversial, requires that the FCCC be available for private parties for the entire weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, every weekend, 52 weeks a year. This could not be changed except by a city-wide vote. If that vote resulted in something that was a problem, this could require another vote.

In the other letter, a quote is reproduced from the initiative that requires the City Council to immediately adopt the initiative or to immediately put it to a vote. The author claims that petition signers knew they were asking for “adoption, or else.” She suggests that anyone who thought they were asking for “a vote, or else” must be stupid.

The efficient course is to vote on this poorly-concieved initiative, get rid of it, and return to a sensible trial period of the City Council policy, which was designed to match the special circumstances of the FCCC.

Bill Howden

Solana Beach