Vote Yes on Prop J to save Del Mar

Pacifica Del Mar has been a part of the Del Mar community for over 23 years. When I first heard of Proposition J I was skeptical. Roundabouts, height limits, construction, etc. all seemed to be problematic. As I listened to both sides, and became more educated on the subject, it struck me if not now, when? Del Mar has remained as is since L’Auberge and the Plaza were built a quarter of a century ago. Nothing really has happened in between. Proposition J is a chance to move into the 21st century. The City of Solana Beach, the Del Mar Highlands, Flowerhill and One Paseo are moving ahead. If the Del Mar retail community is to survive in the years to come we need to act now.

There will never be a perfect plan that satisfies everyone in Del Mar. Those of you who have been here for any length of time, many much longer than me, know that a perfect plan isn¹t going to happen.

The opponents of Proposition J are stating that business is great in Del Mar. It is not. Pacifica Del Mar and Pacifica Breeze Café sales are down $3,000,000 from 2009-2012 versus 2005-2008. We struggle every day to maintain our business. The Plaza is still suffering with what is now its fourth owner. One need only walk through the Plaza or up and down Camino Del Mar to see there isn’t much of anything to keep locals in town or bring tourism or folks that live east of 5 to Del Mar. Maybe that is what some locals want, to keep Del Mar for themselves, as is. I don’t believe there are enough sales tax, TOT tax and other revenue to supplement property taxes to keep Del Mar thriving.

Proposition J will revitalize downtown for years to come. Del Mar deserves it and before you cast your vote either way you need to have an open mind, listen to both sides of the argument and not heed the scare tactics of those opposed to moving forward.

Vote YES on Proposition J to save Del Mar.

Kipp Downing

Proprietor, Pacifica Del Mar and Pacifica Breeze Cafe