Voter Initiative will decrease the value of living in Solana Beach


I am writing regarding the Voter Initiative that would increase the size, frequency and amount of alcohol allowed at private parties in the Fletcher Cove Community Center. I am a resident of Solana Beach. While I do not live in the Fletcher Cove area, I oppose the Voter Initiative.

Our City Council agreed to allow parties with up to 50 people in attendance, two-three times per month serving beer and wine. This allows for residents to utilize our improved Community Center, while ensuring the size and scope of such parties are appropriate for the venue. The Voter Initiative increases the alcoholic consumption allowance at the Community Center, as well as increasing the number of events to every weekend, up to twice per day. The Voter Initiative will not only decrease the value of living in coastal Solana Beach, but will turn that area of our beautiful bedroom community into a rowdy, traffic-filled, party scene on many weekends.

This Voter Initiative will overwhelm the Fletcher Cove area with too many parties, too many cars, big parking problems and too much alcohol. Lastly, I cannot support any initiative that would increase the likelihood of drinking and driving in an area that is filled with families and small children.

Kristin Edwards, Solana Beach