Voter turnout low in planning board elections

Thirteen votes were cast in this year’s Carmel Valley Community Planning Board election.

Incumbents Rick Newman, Scott Tillson, Dean Dubey, Manjeet Ranu, Laura Copic and Jill McCarty were all re-elected to their seats.

New members Nancy Novak and Susanne Bankhead will join the board next month.

The board waits a month to validate the election in case anyone has any objections to the results, said Chair Frisco White.

The board will have quite the new look as members Ken Farinsky, Gary Levitt, Eric Spoor and Alex Novokolsky are all leaving.

Spoor and Novokolsky both resigned and Farinsky could not run again after eight years but said he plans to remain very involved.

Levitt’s meeting schedule will just become a bit lighter - he serves as chair of the Del Mar Mesa Community Planning Board and is a member of the Torrey Hills Community Planning Board.

Jan Fuchs, regional subcommittee co-chair, thanked all the men for what they brought to the board.

“These are four remarkable people,” Fuchs said.

The election still left three vacancies: A Neighborhood 9 seat, an investor seat and a business seat.

Robert Cimo, a 14-year Carmel Valley resident is interested in the Neighborhood 9 seat and Rodney Hunt of Veralliance and Victor Manoushakian, who owns Highland Jewelry have expressed interest in the investor and business seats. The seats will be appointed on April 14.

Anyone else who is interested in one of these three seats can visit

for more information.