Voting Yes on Props AA and CC the right thing to do for our community

I will cast the first votes “Yes” on both Prop AA and CC. Why? Three reasons:

  1. Both bonds are grounded in research and will fill very real short- and long-term infrastructure needs at our local K-12 schools.
  2. Both bonds will ensure local control of the money and they will not be used for administrative costs or salaries.
  3. Both bonds are conservatively structured, asking for much less than the maximum allowed by the State. The costs have purposefully been kept low by both school districts, with the ability to refinance at ratios not to exceed 4:1 over the estimated 25-year life of the bonds.

Logical, right? Yes, but there is more: Voting yes on Prop AA and Prop CC is simply the right thing to do for our community.
Thanks to developer fees, mello-roos, and State government funding, schools in the Carmel Valley/ Del Mar communities have graduated over 20 years of student generations from state-of-the-art facilities. All three of these funding resources designated for infrastructure are either reaching the end of their tenure, or have been cut completely. Passing a bond to ensure that future generations continue to enjoy state-of- the-art facilities and that current pressing structural needs can be met without taking money out of the general education fund is the best way that our community today can pay-it-forward.

Altruism aside, if you are a home owner, you benefit from the security of knowing that your neighborhood schools are producing thoughtful students who are motivated to explore their individual abilities to the highest of standards. A basic prerequisite for a home buyer is that it is located in the boundaries of a good school district. Solid schools support and sustain home values, hands down.

Let’s not make the decision to pass these bonds a political one. I am deeply concerned when I hear fellow Republicans stand on “principle” and speak out against the bonds because they believe them to be a “tax” or because they believe the public school administrators are not trustworthy by nature and will misuse our money. Please – let’s keep the education of our children sacred. Let’s leave our political agendas home and support our communities by voting our conscience and volunteering our time and resources to our local schools via District, Foundation, or PTA activities. These are the checks and balances that our fore fathers envisioned.

I feel so fortunate to have raised three children in the Del Mar and San Dieguito school districts. True to my advice, I have invested time alongside my children to ensure their public education experience was the best it could be. In both school districts I have taken a turn as PTA president, have supported their educational foundations, have served as site council representative, and currently am finishing up my term as a school board trustee of the Del Mar Union School District. My experience as a veteran volunteer and community leader will hopefully underscore and validate the passion with which I am writing in support of


Prop AA and Prop CC.

Finally, I would like to say that I am not concerned about donations supporting the campaigns coming from consulting firms or businesses who consider themselves to be partners and/or friends of public education. Why not? Because someone needs to support the issues that will ensure the longevity of thriving public education in our community, and I thank those with deep pockets and a heart to do so. We should all be partners of public education in some way, shape or form.

Supporting Prop AA and Prop CC affords us all the opportunity to support our children’s complete K-12 education.

I look forward to seeing you at the polls!

Comischell Bradley-Rodriguez