Wake up, citizens of Solana Beach

When Proposition B has been decided by the upcoming election, there will be one of two results.

You, the taxpayers of Solana Beach, will be able to rent your Fletcher Cove Community Center for a reception or celebration with reasonable conditions and common-sense safeguards for any unlikely misuse. The city manager will have a permitting process in place to protect both the center’s neighbors and its users. The municipal code and California ABC laws will apply. Enjoyment of the stunning views available will be welcomed. This will only happen if you, the voters, vote “Yes” on Prop B.

Or, the center will continue to sit idle every other weekend, and the single usage permitted on alternate weekends will be smothered with restrictions imposed by City Hall’s micro-management in response to political pressure from the center’s neighbors. Your musician and caterer will need city business licenses, and your wine/champagne glasses (two maximum) will be monitored by a city-required monitor to be sure you don’t take them to the outside patio. Nearby parking will be discouraged. City Hall claims to have a policy already, and they sure do: A policy structured to minimize or eliminate any usage. This will continue if you vote “No” on Prop B.

Don’t let City Hall and Prop B opponents pull this off. After all, it could be your children and grandchildren’s celebrations that are denied. The opponents are openly catastrophizing and fear mongering. Some of their statements border on hysteria and others are simply untrue (“hundreds of noisy guests every weekend; unlimited alcohol; traffic jams“ and “past shutdowns due to noise problems”). The proponents, many who are well-known and respected residents of the community, have been vilified as party-addicted, hedonistic and uncaring when actually they love Solana Beach and have contributed as much to the beautification and improvement of Solana Beach as anyone else.

Vote “Yes” on Prop B!

Richard Moore

Solana Beach resident since 1964