Wayside Horn Project moves forward, following 18 months of community fundraising


By Claire Harlin


The City of Del Mar is moving forward with a new North County Transit District (NCTD) agreement for the implementation of the Wayside Horn Project, after NCTD decided in December to contribute $200,000 to the project’s cost of $378,317.

Previously, the community was expected to come up with the entire amount, but now the additional funding — given in recognition of the regional benefit of the pilot project — means the city does not need to come up with more than $175,000. A reimbursement and revised construction agreement approved by the City Council on Jan. 23 reflects the $200,000 contribution and authorizes the council to refund any remaining donated funds to donors in proportion to the amount donated.

The $200,000 from NCTD and the $175,000 in raised donations will yield $375,000, which is slightly less than the project budget. However, city officials believe the overall expenses will be less than $375,000, and in the case that funds in excess of project costs are available, money will be returned to donors.

The project aims to reduce railroad noise by installing wayside horns at the railroad crossing on Coast Boulevard. Instead of relying on each train’s horn blasting to alert pedestrians and commuters of arrivals, the wayside horns are placed diagonally to sound from the crossing itself.