We all love Solana Beach!

Yard signs posted by the proponents of Prop B read “We love Solana Beach.” Let’s just be clear — we


love Solana Beach regardless of our position on Prop B! Loving Solana Beach is not the issue. The real issue is that, because we all love our city, we all want access to its amenities — including the Fletcher Cove Community Center and the area surrounding it. Who will have access to that scenic area? Who will be allowed to enjoy those spectacular sunsets from the top of the bluffs north of Fletcher Cove? On weekends will those benefits be used only by guests at private parties in roped-off areas or will access be open to all of us as it has been for many years?

Public Access also won’t be possible without parking availability. Parking in the Community Center area is already limited when summertime beach-goers or concert-attendees line the neighborhood streets with their cars. Do we really want to add to our beach parking congestion by encouraging an additional 100 guests to compete for those spaces every weekend of the year? A vote for Prop B invites that increased congestion!

Alternatively, the council’s community center rental policy allows smaller private parties every other weekend and balances the access and parking needs of the entire community. We do all love Solana Beach and we need a satisfactory guideline for sharing it fairly and equitably. Prop B is not a satisfactory solution---vote “No” on Prop B!

Marilee McLean

Solana Beach