We were wrong

When the proponents of Proposition B came to our home they claimed that the Fletcher Community Center was not utilized at all and people were not able to rent the facility to have family parties. We signed immediately in favor to correct this “mistake” as we thought the purpose was commendable. We continued our support for some time.

After reading the various opinions we decided to visit the center to verify the different statements. We immediately saw how small and limited the building, grounds and parking are. We found that the location is actually being utilized. We also checked the parking situation and found that there is no parking allocated for that facility. We drove around the different streets and did not find enough parking for even 50 people. There are only two spaces labeled “handicap.” We visualized a party of 100, consuming unlimited amounts of alcohol. Even if only a few were overindulged, the small area would intensify the problem. If you still have doubts, go to the center to make an informed decision. It would be informative for 100 “No” voters to assemble at the center 7 p.m. on Saturday (drive your car and park) to demonstrate the need for some limits on use.

We have changed our vote to “No” on Proposition B.

Jack & Violeta Zimmerman, Solana Beach