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Here are some readers’ comments from the last two weeks:

‘Powerlink approved’

Bob B.: Bill Powers is right on target.

Bad decision for the San Diego ratepayers that the CPUC is suppose to protect.

So what does this mean for we as San Diegans?

We get to pay 2 Billion dollars for the construction of this massive project which will increase our rates.

We get to sit back and watch as our pristine back country is scarred by massive transmission lines.

We become more dependent on foreign energy sources whether from Mexico or Indonesia

We become further reliant on a large utility company.

‘UCSD adds power storage to fuel cell project’

Paul Mason: FINALLY moving from the 20th century to the 21st century. We have brilliant young minds with unlimited imagination. We must continue to teach them to think outside the box and ask why can’t we ? Consider all the energy created to move the tides each and every day. I’m very proud of our country and hope we can be the country that provides the new products for all the globe to buy.

‘Bridge renovation to feature nighttime work’

Jim: Makes you wonder how well the I805 over Mission Valley is faring? I rode my biclclata across that bridge in what.... 1969? on opening day. When was that?

‘Stop5Noice: Interchange proposal is insane’

Portofinoan: “Tillson said that it’s unfortunate that PHR bears the brunt of the criticism and said the claim that Pardee is behind the project is untrue.”

Hmm! Then who else is behind the project … the tooth fairy?

Let me see. We have a dramatic oversupply of housing in San Diego County, home and condo prices are crashing, and still we need Pardee’s Carmel Valley pipe dream?

When Pardee threatens bankruptcy, all I can say is no one will much care.

‘What is a conservative?’

Bob Loblaw: Bud Emerson describing conservatives is like Fidel Castro describing freedom.

‘This week’s hot topic: Del Mar Mesa preserve’

William Tuft: Multi-use! Reponsible use by all should be allowed. Simply closing the Preserve to all does nothing but take away a valuable recreation resource that we all enjoy. There knucklehead bikers, hikers, and horsemen. We can’t afford to blame everyone else and not look at our own group. If we mess this up we’ll loose access to the Preserve and have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Blake Wallrich: I think that the del mar mesa preserve should be open to everybody, it is a unique place to go for a ride or hike around. There are no other places like it, the tunnels are amazing! It would truly be a shame to close the preserve. I mountain bike up there at least once a week and i dont know what me or the many other people would do.

Please make the right decision and leave it open to the public!