What if developers use old standards?

Is the proposed Del Mar Village Specific Plan really a Specific Plan? If read correctly, it appears, on one hand, to state what, where and how the downtown should be developed, yet on the other hand, if the developer of property doesn’t like that criteria, they can develop using the old zoning standards. What if developers decide to use the old standards?

Not concerned about the developer, but what about us? What specifically are we going to be asked to approve with our vote in November? We have before us only a guideline of what the downtown may or may not look like in the future, dependent solely on the developer,

not specifics!

In the haste to get the Plan approved by August (as stated in the Plan itself), such specifics as design, land development standards and financing won’t be spelled out until

after our vote.

Will we like what is spelled out? Maybe too late!

But, more importantly, a Specific Plan is required to be consistent with the adopted Community Plan. In my opinion, the proposed Plan destroys our adopted Community Plan. Please read, at least, the vision of the SP, and see if you think it fits the vision of the CP.

I’m going to vote NO.

Ralph Peck

Del Mar