Who says the VSP isn’t primarily for developers

By Sarah Dubin-Vaughn

Del Mar

Among many other reasons that I oppose Prop. J, the two I find most troublesome are:

1) Proposition J would override the provisions of Prop B, formally known in the Municipal Code in Chapter 30.54 as the Overlay Zone: Downtown Initiative (DI-OZ). (See https://

). This voter-approved ordinance prohibits large developments without a vote of our residents. With the nullification of Prop B, the public will have no further say in what happens to our downtown except to the extent the Council may be willing to listen to us. If we have a pro-development Council as we do now, there will be no way to stop major developments and our little village will be gone forever.

2) While the 10-foot-wide sidewalks — outlined as part of the traffic plan in the VSP —look appealing, nothing has yet been designed, as was pointed out each time questions were asked at the open meetings. If one looks at the illustrations in the publicity materials for the VSP, those 10-foot sidewalks accommodate landscaping, benches, pedestrians and continuous sidewalk cafes, just as our once very wide sidewalk on the south side of 15th Street does. With 45,000 square feet reserved for new restaurants, what will become of our village? Who says the VSP isn’t primarily for developers?