Why copper socks can be beneficial for your health


The ancient Greeks were the first to discover the disinfecting power of copper thousands of years ago. Since then, copper has been used worldwide to help eliminate the growth of bacteria and fungi in the treatment of ulcers and skin diseases among other uses.

In 2008 the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved copper as the only metal in the world recognized to help prevent pathogens. Tests performed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) show that 99.9 percent of disease-causing bacteria and viruses are eliminated within two hours on surfaces made of copper or its alloys.

Uses of copper in the textile industry

Thanks to Dr. Jeffrey Gabbay, copper benefits can now be transferred to clothing and fabrics. Dr. Gabbay spent months researching how to eliminate fungi and bacteria in Israeli army tents and discovered that incorporating a percentage of copper in the tent fabric solved this issue.

This patented fiber with copper is poised to change the textile industry. One such product that has been the focus in recent news is copper socks due not only to their anti-bacterial properties, but also to its contribution in improving skin tone and helping wounds heal.

What makes copper socks so special?

Copper socks are the first pair of socks in the market that deliver real benefits and protection to your feet. Beyond the basic functions of normal socks, copper socks stimulate the production of capillaries, collagen and other key proteins producing healthier, softer skin. Additionally, thanks to the antimicrobial properties of copper, it protects your feet against fungi and bacteria keeping your feet healthy and odor-free. Results are visible by wearing the socks daily after an average of 20 days.

The protection of the fiber begins to work on first contact with the body, and the regenerative, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial properties remain wash after wash.

In August 2010, the 33 Chilean miners that were trapped 2,362 ft. below ground for 70 days were given copper socks among other emergency provisions. The socks were used by the miners in order to eliminate bacteria and fungi with very successful results.

Who should use copper socks?

Copper socks are recommended for people who want soft feet free of calluses. They are particularly recommended for those who have blisters or any foot injuries since they help promote wound healing, which is especially beneficial for people with diabetes. Finally, they are recommended for anyone who want to protect their feet from fungi or for those with Athlete’s foot. In treating Athlete’s foot, fungi typically go away after 20 days of wearing the socks daily.

Who would have thought that wearing socks with copper could be so beneficial for your wellness, beauty and health? For more information or to place your order, please visit www.copperandhealth.com.