Why did 2,000 voters sign the petitions?

The opponents of the Fletcher Cove Community Center initiative seem to be totally confused.

They clearly don’t understand the purpose of an “initiative,” which by definition is the first step in a process to initiate an action for change. This is a legal option, which is sometimes necessary when elected officials refuse to take action or take action that appears not to be in the best interest of the constituents.

I want to reiterate that residents of this community are not stupid. They knew that by signing the petition, they were asking the City Council to adopt the initiative without change. They also knew that if the City Council refused to adopt the initiative, they were compelled to let the voters decide the issue.

It is clearly stated on the initiative just above the line for signatures:

“We the undersigned, duly registered, qualified voters of the City of Solana Beach, hereby present to the City Council this petition and request that the following proposed amendments to the municipal code of the City of Solana Beach either be adopted immediately by the Council of the City of Solana Beach, or immediately submit this measure to the registered and qualified voters of the City of Solana Beach at a special election for their adoption or rejection pursuant to the California Election Code.”

This issue is not complicated. Since the initiative is in compliance with city codes, it can simply be adopted without alteration. We are not playing games, covering up the truth or trying to mislead the residents.

Our goal is to open up the community center for private celebrations and use by the residents of Solana Beach.

That is why 2,000 voters signed the petitions.

Mary Jane Boyd