Why Proposition J is good for Del Mar

I notice a number of my friends in the city have signs opposing the Revitalization of Del Mar Proposition. I understand the long-term tradition of opposing any suggestion to improving the downtown and traffic situation. However, in this instance, I believe the naysayers are misguided.

I hear three main concerns regarding the proposition:

  1. The plan provides for roundabouts that are accessed by single lanes. The concern being that traffic congestion will increase.
  2. What access will emergency vehicles have in the area
  3. Developers will destroy the ambience of the downtown area with the new parameters.

These three concerns can be relieved by reviewing the Village Specific Plan.
More specifically:

  1. The roundabouts actually improve the flow of traffic by 78 percent. This not only means less traffic congestion, but provides continuous movement at a slower and safer speed. The plan calls for Camino Del Mar to expand to two lanes as it approaches 15th Street.
  2. As one can see from the report, emergency vehicles will have no problem with the new plan due to the fact that there is a generous 9-foot “pull over” area for access. This will improve response times from what we have experienced in the past.
  3. There are adequate safeguards in place to monitor downtown development. Anyone who has attempted to build in Del Mar knows that the process is a lengthy one and will require Design Board approval of any view issues.

The plan was laid out by professionals with extensive input from citizens. It was approved unanimously by the counsel. Don’t let false accusations determine your vote without getting the facts. I encourage you to go to the City of Del Mar web site ( and see for yourself. I think you will find that this is a plan whose time has come.
Scott Linton

Del Mar