Why waste $190,000?

That the Solana Beach City Council made the decision to hold a special election for Prop B at a cost of about $200,000 was astounding for two reasons. First, they used taxpayer dollars to pay for an independent analysis of the proposition by one of the most respected law firms in the San Diego area, and then completely ignored the report’s conclusions that the proposition:

•Will not have any adverse impacts on the city

•Will not prevent the city from responding in numerous ways to problems that might arise associated with noise, traffic, etc.

•That such responses may be made without a vote of the people

The report stands in stark contrast to the unsubstantiated claims to the contrary made by the City Council and other opponents to the proposition. The proposition is very straight forward: It simply makes the center available for up to two private events on weekends under existing codes, so that the council cannot take steps to keep residents from holding events there.

The second reason the council’s decision was so dumbfounding is that they gave no consideration to the suggestion that they adopt the proposition and live with it for half a year until they could put a measure to revoke it on the June primary ballot at a cost of about $10,000. What was the rush? Was the off chance that there might be a rowdy party between now and June too much to risk for saving $190,000?

How is it that the council could get so far off the track and now actively engage in a campaign of exaggerations, misinformation and falsehoods against an Initiative of the voters? The Initiative was brought in the wake of two-plus years of the council’s failure to formulate a reasonable usage policy. They were beholden to their political allies who demanded excessive restrictions that would effectively block use of the center for celebrations by residents.

Don’t give up your right to use the center. Vote “Yes” on Prop B.

Bruce Berend

Solana Beach