Will the high-density plan preserve quality of life?


By Ralph Peck

Del Mar

Quoting from the Del Mar General Plan, the purpose “is an expression in words and maps of how the community will develop over the next 10 to 20 years. To be effective, the Community Plan must reflect broadly-based attitudes of Del Mar residents consistent with sound environmental, economic, social and legal constraints.”

Does the current proposed Village Specific Plan, bounced off of approximately 170 residents, fit the purpose, as defined in the General Plan? I think not.

Again, quoting from the plan: “The overall thrust of this Plan is to preserve the unique environment, low density character and quality of life in Del Mar.”

Obviously, in order for the proposed Village Specific Plan to comply with the adopted Del Mar General Plan, as required, the General Plan would have to be amended so that, for example, the property at Crepes and Corks Cafe could add a second floor apartment and pay in-lieu fees for 10 parking spaces to be supplied somewhere else.

Although the proposed not-unique, high-density plan will definitely increase the coffers of the City, whether it will be beneficial to the quality of life for the residents should involve some serious thinking.