Willis Allen and GRID Alternatives launch ‘Operation: Solar for San Diego Troops’


Willis Allen Real Estate firm is partnering with GRID Alternatives San Diego to launch “Operation: Solar for San Diego Troops” to transition veterans to clean and renewable energy.

Willis Allen will donate time and monetary resources to help GRID Alternatives provide energy cost-savings and a source of clean local energy to the homes of veterans. Four of the projects will be in partnership with the Habitat for Humanity veterans program.

It will be all hands on deck, as veterans and the homeowners themselves pull together to install solar power. The four-month-long project kicks off July 9 and will provide solar panels for up to 10 veteran homes. A finale event will be held in connection with the Veteran’s Day holiday.

“We at Willis Allen feel very fortunate to be helping GRID Alternatives with Operation: Solar for San Diego Troops and are passionate about this project. As a veteran myself, I’m honored to be a part of something that gives back to those who’ve served,” said Andy Nelson, CEO of Willis Allen. “We’ve just designated 30 agents as ‘green’ and this is our way of walking the walk, not just talking the talk. We’re committed to making our community more environmentally-friendly and look forward to maintaining a relationship with GRID Alternatives for future builds.”

Tom McSorley, regional development officer at GRID Alternatives San Diego said, “Aside from the obvious money and climate benefits we’ll receive, the outcome our veterans will receive is truly immeasurable. Willis Allen is helping us provide these men and women that have served our country the ability to have a sense of pride in their homes and give them the opportunity to help make San Diego a greener place by taking part in the actual installation of the solar panels on their homes. It’s really our way — and our time — to serve those who served us.”

To nominate a veteran who can benefit from Operation: Solar for San Diego Troops send their name and brief story to: operationsolar@gridalternatives.org