Winston grad film to be aired on Del Mar TV

By Claire Harlin

Staff Writer

Last spring, more than 1,000 people walked five kilometers at Tecolote Shores carrying buckets of water in order to demonstrate how far people in third world countries often have to walk to get water for daily use.

On Sept. 4 at 10 a.m., a documentary about the event will air on Del Mar TV, chronicling the personal growth and involvement of one Winston School student — Matthew Gehring — who participated in and filmed the walk.

Gehring is the associate producer of the 30-minute film, and Del Mar TV volunteer Stephanie Sullivan is a producer and mentor to Gehring.

“I’m very excited about it,” said Gehring of his first film. “I’ve been working on it for so long, so I am very anxious for it to be broadcasted.”

Gehring, who interviewed many people who were involved in the event, said it was an eye-opening experience to see how many San Diegans are dedicated to helping those who are undergoing difficult times in other parts of the world.

Sullivan met Matthew when she sought out a dedicated Winston School student to help her with her non-profit. Gehring was referred by the school’s media arts teacher, Dan Peregine.

“Matthew mentioned there was an event, San Diego Walk for Water, and I said ‘We need to get our team to film you walking in it,’” Sullivan said.

Matthew recently graduated from the Winston School and will attend Cal State Monterey Bay, where he hopes to keep learning how to make documentaries.

“Matthew and I have a unique relationship in that we have fun together. He’s one of three high school students I’ve mentored recently, and it was such a pleasure working with him,” said Sullivan. “I am bummed he is leaving the area, but I am so happy he’s going to a school where he can do film later on.”

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