Woodstock Festival in Solana Beach?

Fletcher Cove Community Center is a charming building, not pretentious and very small. After a tasteful renovation it is now usable and is a perfect space to gather friends for a small celebration: the view of the Pacific makes it unique.

I helped in the gathering of signatures to set up a special election, as the city council would not allow it to be rented out. Under pressure, the city council decided after enough signatures were gathered to allow a trial period, but with unrealistic restrictions and clauses, that are different from the City Ordinance. I urge the Council not to


$200,000 on a special election but adopt an Initiative, which by only using the existing laws, really is a logical approach to the problem. If a group renting the facilities breaks the laws, the city would issue a fine. This Community Center is not going to attract a Woodstock festival.

Irene de Watteville,

Solana Beach