Livability Workshop seeks feedback on how Carmel Valley can improve

The Carmel Valley Community Planning Board Livability Committee (CVCPB), a voluntary committee consisting of CVCPB members and other community members will be hosting a Community Workshop at the Carmel Valley Library on Sunday, Dec. 13, at 1:30 p.m.

The purpose of the workshop is to update the community regarding recent planning work the Livability Committee has been doing and to gather community feedback.

The mission of the committee is focused on improving mobility, connectivity and safety for all modes of transportation as well as creating placemaking opportunities.

The community is invited to review maps created by the Livability Committee, where “areas of concern” have been identified. Areas of concern include intersections that are unsafe for bicyclists or pedestrians, areas where walking and bicycling mobility could be improved and where future planning will be intended to resolve such problems.

The goal will be to use this opportunity for community dialogue to help guide the next steps to be taken by the committee in their planning efforts.